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The Trident Group Australia difference

Hands of a nurse and hands of an elderly patient clasped together

You need qualified and compassionate staff. We know where to find them.

Trident Group Australia was established in 2017 due to our team’s dedication to connecting healthcare professionals with facilities that share our commitment to quality patient care. Our mission is to provide your business with qualified and compassionate staff and our candidates with a work environment where they can flourish.

We exist to ensure optimal patient outcomes while fostering a culture of safety and care. We understand that healthcare is not just a profession; it’s a calling. Our mission is to empower our talent pool of nurses and support staff to provide services that improve the lives of your patients and clients while making a valuable contribution to your healthcare business.

Our tagline, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” translates to “work conquers all” and encapsulates the driving force behind our health recruitment agency: our belief in the power of effort and commitment to make a difference in people’s lives. We have dedicated ourselves to tackling the healthcare industry's challenges, transforming people’s lives and elevating healthcare through hard work. Just as healthcare professionals work tirelessly to care for others, we work diligently to connect nursing and support staff with employers and foster positive, lasting relationships.

What makes us one of the fastest-growing healthcare service agencies in Australia ...

Unlike general staffing agencies, we exclusively serve the healthcare sector. This specialisation gives us an in-depth understanding of healthcare workers' and facilities' unique demands and challenges. Our dedicated team of industry experts combines their insights with empathy for those requiring care, ensuring that every candidate we place contributes to the well-being of those they serve and the businesses that employ them.

Experience the difference between a specialised healthcare services agency 

Nurse in green making up a hospital bed

Our Values

We are honest, with strong moral principles


We are responsible


We are careful and persistent


We achieve results, no matter how difficult


We adhere to codes of conduct and rules


Looking for a reliable and efficient healthcare staffing partner ...

When you choose Trident Group Australia, you’re choosing a recruitment partner dedicated to your success. We take pride in facilitating seamless connections between talented professionals and facilities, enhancing patient care, improving operational efficiency, and creating a safer healthcare environment.

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