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Job Seekers

The team at Trident Group Australia work hard to provide a healthy and safe working environment for both our employees and our clients. 

We check-in regularly with our team members, and we keep in touch with our clients, listening to their suggestions and taking on any workplace feedback they provide. We also work closely with our clients to help them achieve their career goals by supporting and helping develop their career where we can. 

We adhere to a strict privacy policy and we do not share any do not share any of our clients’ personal information with third parties without prior knowledge or consent. We know that starting a new job can be a challenge, that’s where we come in.

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Important information for employees

On the first day of a new assignment, please be sure to arrive on time

Where necessary, make sure that appropriate PPE is worn before entering the site. You will be advised of this prior to commencing your assignment

After your shift, please make sure your time sheet is signed by your supervisor

Contact Trident Group immediately if …

You are running late for work

At any time you must leave a site or job for whatever reason

Assignment is not complete

You are asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description

You believe that your working conditions are unsafe

You are injured while on assignment before seeking medical assistance

Your availability or contact details change

  • Does Trident Group Australia offer both full time and part time job placement?
    Yes, we do have part time and full time job placements available.
  • How long do temporary jobs normally last?
    Temporary roles are generally required to fulfil an immediate need, however it is not uncommon for temporary jobs to be extended.
  • What is the hourly rate for a temporary job?
    The hourly rate for each job is based on the applicable award rate.
  • Can temporary jobs lead to permanent positions?
    In some cases, yes! Good work ethic and performance standards can often lead to a permanent position.
  • I am a student, can I work during the holidays?
    We sometimes have suitable work for students, check our Available Jobs page to see what is currently available.
  • Is experience necessary?
    Not always, it depends on the nature of a job. In most circumstances there are certain criteria that must be met.

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