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Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Trident Group Australia works hard to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and clients though a zero- tolerance approach.

We stay in touch with our team members, together with our clients, listen to their problems related to work or workplace and resolve as quickly as possible. We also work to achieve career goals and dreams by supporting and developing as their career grows. We have a strict privacy policy and we do not share any personal information with third party without prior knowledge or consent. Starting a new job is a challenge but that’s where Trident Group Australia comes in and helps make that task easier.


Employees important information:

On your first day of any new assignment, please ensure you get there on time.
Make sure that appropriate PPE is worn before entering the site. You will be advised of this prior to commencing your assignment.
After assignment, please make sure your time sheet is signed by your supervisor.

Contact Trident Group ASAP If:

You are running late for work.
At any time you must leave a site or job for whatever reason.
Assignment is not complete.
You are asked to perform a work which was not part of your initial job description.
You believe that your working conditions are unsafe.
You are injured while on assignment before seeking medical assistance.
Your availability or contact details change.



You can learn more from our asked questions

Yes, we do have part time and full time jobs available.
Temporary roles fulfil immediate need however it is not uncommon for temporary jobs to be extended.
Good work ethics and performance often lead to permanent position.
At times we are able to offer suitable work for students.
Not always. It depends on the nature of a job and there are circumstances where the client is adamant that certain criteria must be met.